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Where To Buy An AirTech Trampoline?

AirTech Silver 8ft trampoline package

AirTech Silver 8ft trampoline package

Looking for an Airtech trampoline? You’ve made a wise choice because Airtech make some of the best trampolines available. AirTech are a top-end manufacturer of trampolines with a comprehensive portfolio of models. What’s more, AirTech have made choosing your trampoline easy because they come in a range of sizes, which is great news if you have a smaller garden or need to fill a bigger space. Unusually, each size is available in three variations graded silver, gold and platinum according to their set-up, strength and flexibility; this means each variation is suited to a different budget and age of user.

A Gold, Silver Or Platinum Airtech Trampoline?

Whatever size you prefer, you have a further choice of three options which mean the product you buy is the one best suited to your expectations. The flexibility of the jump mat varies depending on how many springs are pulling it taut. Where a smaller number of springs is used, the mat is less tight and less resistant to lighter users, but provides less ‘bounce’ for older jumpers. All AirTech trampolines, then, are supplied with different characteristics brought about as a result of using higher or lower numbers of springs. Classed as silver or gold, the two lighter models will cope with up to 19 stone in weight thanks to their 1.6mm steel frames. For heavier use, supporting up to 24 stone, you can also purchase a platinum version with toughened 2mm frame. The silver version of each comes with the fewest springs and would suit younger users. Platinum versions have the most springs, making them a great choice for older users; and gold provide an all-purpose model suited to a broad range of jumpers. All AirTech trampolines are built to the same high specifications and share a number of features. Based on strong yet lightweight galvanised steel frames, they all offer high-strength weatherproof jump mats, held in place by engineered springs and surrounded with wide foam safety matting and a netted safety enclosure. When you order through our links, you’ll get a free ladder, spring tensioning tool and waterproof cover with every purchase of a trampoline from the AirTech range, and you will also receive a free gift in the form of a free water slide. Buy your AirTech trampoline from here and rest assured that you’re purchasing a quality product at a price you can afford.

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